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People who love PHP and want to ensure 100% of it is preserved are attending City Council meeting Tuesday Nov13

You’ve heard about the horrible possibility of the proposed 40 foot wide Marlin Bay extension and the building on duplexes on an area of PHP you thought was preserved?

From a very concerned neighbor who is attending tomorrow night’s City Council Meeting:

Dear Citizens,

Your attendance is requested at the City Council meeting this Tuesday 11/13/2012 at 6pm Bldg 1 2nd floor in support of blocking construction of Marlin Bay Drive Extension and the remaining undeveloped lots at Pleasure House Point.

City Council Chamber Municipal Center (2401 Courthouse Drive) Bldg 1 – 2nd Floor

1. The location of these 20 parcels and the negative impact of building on them, including the proposed massive extension of Marlin Bay Drive has just been made public. Certainly, all creative solutions to add this vital open space to PHP has not been exhausted! The creative solution does not necessarily include throwing cash at this effort.

2. Preserving the land will maximize the positive experience all visitors will have when visiting PHP and the experience educators and students will have when visiting the CBF facility particularly those coming from out of town and out of state.

3. Preserving these 20 lots and the land slated for Marlin Bay Extension will help achieve the 1997 ULI study goal of achieving/maintaining the much open space the Bayfront needs. (The roughly 40 acres of water preserved surely can’t count toward the ULI Study’s recommendations can it ?)

4. Preserving the land will help achieve the City’s TMDL goals. How? By reducing additional construction, including a 40-foot wide road, and by keeping the additional storm water flows from using the Pump Station.

5. Preserving the land will lower the risk of increased flooding in an area already located in the flood plain. How?
By not adding additional impervious service in a flood zone and by keeping the century-old live oak trees intact. The website lists live oaks as the city’s tree, able to withstand flooding, and able to drain the soil quickly.

6. Preserving the land will create a healthier environment for the City of Virginia Beach. The 2011 City of Virginia Beach State of the Urban Forest report lists Virginia Beach’s Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) 4 % below the recommended canopy coverage for cities in the Mid-Atlantic region. According to the study trees remove carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other pollutants from the air saving the city over $4 million. Trees keep the air clean and the people’s lungs clean.

7. Preserving the land will eliminate destruction to the natural habitat/home of indigenous wildlife – keeping the area as an “outdoors” destination for locals and tourists bringing tourist dollars to Virginia Beach. Already the bird-watching community at PHP is growing. Besides destroying the immediate land, construction would cause noise pollution, driving the animals from the area.

Please come support the person/persons who will address city council. If you know others who may be interesting in coming to the city council meeting and

showing support this Tuesday at 6 pm, please pass this e-mail along and invite them via e-mail and/or word-of-mouth.

Thank you.

Tree line in front of bus, on the right, is at risk of being cut down and replaced with duplexes. What kind of experience will that be for visitors to PHP and CBF’s facility?

“…joined the city of Virginia Beach in celebrating Pleasure House Point’s conservation, but they didn’t realize an important detail was left out of the presentation.”

Learn more and watch a video at

“…plans have quietly moved ahead to build duplexes and extend a road through two areas in the tract, known as Pleasure House Point.”

More press about 100% of Pleasure House Point not being preserved.

If the lots are built upon and the road extended, “unfortunately it would sour the overall project,” said Christy Everett, regional director of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.


Turns out there’s a loophole in the celebrated purchase and preservation of Pleasure House Point, the largest undeveloped tract left on the Lynnhaven River, loaded with sand dunes, maritime forest and waterfront vistas.

Note the amount of trees and vital habitat that is at risk for destruction. Birds, including those migrating in the Atlantic Flyway, depend on Pleasure House Point and it’s open space to survive.

Let’s hope teachers using the CBF facility won’t have to explain to their students how the trees and vital habitat for birds migrating to Pleasure House Point were destroyed and 100% of PHP wasn’t quite saved but …

“When you look at this from a 30,000-foot-view,” he added, “we’ve preserved 95 percent of one of the top-priority parcels in the city.”

Speaking of 30,000 foot-view, if 95% of planes in the USA landed everyday, about 4,350 would crash. Every day.


How hard has everyone worked to preserve 100% of this magnificent property?

Partial shot of 1 page of plans shown upside down.

Thanks to the magnificent musicians who played at LRNOW Fall Festival on PHP! A terrific way to thank them is to HIRE THEM for your event or party!

Every one had a magnificent time at Lynnhaven River NOW’s Fall Festival on Pleasure House Point yesterday!

    An absolutely gorgeous day, breezy and in the upper 60s, the perfect weather and stunning back drop of Pleasure House Point was magnificently enhanced by soulful and inspirational music by our very generous musicians. You can still donate to these fine musicians! Email Tim.
He draws from such inspirations as fellow Augustan, the Godfather of Soul himself, Mr. James Brown. In fact a local radio personality said it best “If Elvis Presley and James Brown had a child, it would be no other than Brandon Bower”. He captivates audiences with relentless passion for the sake of the message.


    Brandon Bower and his band played an amazing, soulful set for an hour and a half without a break. Rocking out on their original tunes, festival goers also tapped their feet, danced, hoola-hooped and sang along to their covers.
Hampton Roads native, Kayce McGehee, will be in town from New York City to play keyboard, guitar, and sing. Drawing from influences such as Regina Spektor and Fiona Apple, Kayce plays a mixture of originals and covers.


    Kaycee McGehee inspired everyone with her spirit-lifting vocals and hauntingly beautiful piano playing. Her set included her own original songs, an original tune written by her dad Lewis McGehee and covers as well.
Rick is the first musician to play on Pleasure House Point Natural Area!
Father-daughter duo offer audiences a soft rock mix of timeless songs ranging from the Beatles to Green Day. Morrgyn, currently a vocal and theater student at the Visual and Performing Arts Academy at Salem High School, adds her own flavor to favorites she has grown with in the company of her father Rick, a 30 year veteran to the local music scene.

You can contact Rick Kuhns to play solo, or duet includes Milan Darlings, at or by calling 757-493-1880. Rick also plays with the trio London.

    Rick & daugher Morrgyn Kuhns plus Morrgyn’s friend Abi Mathews played a fun, entertaining & passionately rocked out set of covers to musically start off the Fall Festival. Rick also was the FIRST musician to ever play on Pleasure House Point – Natural Area!

Special thanks also goes out to 2 very accomplished local musicians, Brian Morris [Twitter | Facebook] who ran the sound board, and to Bill Landon of The Jay Rakes Band who let us use his sound equipment.

Thanks also goes out to Shore Drive Starbucks for donating pounds of coffee to the musicians.

Please consider hiring these magnificent musicians for your next event or party. Donations are still being accepted too!

CBF press release including conceptual site design for their new building on PHP.

Read the entire Press Release at

Hopefully CBF will conduct intense studies about using wind turbines safely since so many birds love PHP and it’s vital habitat in the Atlantic Flyway. Photo credit: CBF

Editors note: Impossible dreams come true.