Virginia’s most sustainable building comes one step closer to becoming a reality. On PHP too!

Hoo ray!

Hopefully CBF will conduct intense studies about using wind turbines safely since so many birds love PHP and it's vital habitat in the Atlantic Flyway. Photo credit: CBF
Photo credit: CBF


“We are extremely gratified that the Virginia Beach City Council and the community support our new venture at Pleasure House Point,” said CBF Hampton Roads Director Christy Everett. “The CBF Brock Environmental Center will be a model of sustainable design, demonstrating how it is possible to build responsibly and make a substantial environmental difference without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics.”

The CBF Brock Environmental Center will feature cutting-edge green construction practices to meet the “Living Building Challenge,” a set of stringent, specific environmental standards established by the International Living Future Institute. These standards require the facility to have “net zero” impact on the environment, not only during construction but during its daily operation. It will be the first of its kind in Virginia.

More including video at

Hopefully all the parties can come together to work out a deal to preserve the remainder of PHP too to ensure everyone including the kids using CBF’s facility will have the best possible experience.

Learn more about the possibility of trees coming down for duplexes within site of CBF’s facility here and here.

Let’s hope everyone can come together to preserve this privately held property to ensure trees including Live Oaks are saved, and kids will have the best possible experience while learning about the great outdoors at CBF’s facility.


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