“…plans have quietly moved ahead to build duplexes and extend a road through two areas in the tract, known as Pleasure House Point.”

More press about 100% of Pleasure House Point not being preserved.

If the lots are built upon and the road extended, “unfortunately it would sour the overall project,” said Christy Everett, regional director of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

From Pilotonline.com:

Turns out there’s a loophole in the celebrated purchase and preservation of Pleasure House Point, the largest undeveloped tract left on the Lynnhaven River, loaded with sand dunes, maritime forest and waterfront vistas.

Note the amount of trees and vital habitat that is at risk for destruction. Birds, including those migrating in the Atlantic Flyway, depend on Pleasure House Point and it’s open space to survive.

Let’s hope teachers using the CBF facility won’t have to explain to their students how the trees and vital habitat for birds migrating to Pleasure House Point were destroyed and 100% of PHP wasn’t quite saved but …

“When you look at this from a 30,000-foot-view,” he added, “we’ve preserved 95 percent of one of the top-priority parcels in the city.”

Speaking of 30,000 foot-view, if 95% of planes in the USA landed everyday, about 4,350 would crash. Every day.


How hard has everyone worked to preserve 100% of this magnificent property?

Partial shot of 1 page of plans shown upside down.

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