Say’s Phoebe inspiring birders from Richmond to visit

Photo Credit Brian Prendergast.

Brian was out on PHP on Oct 6th and sez:

Long story short; it turned out to be a Say’s [P]hoebe, which are common in the Rocky Mountains but rare east of the Mississippi. I contacted my friend Steve Coari from the Virginia Beach Audubon Society (VBAS) and asked him if he thought it was a Say’s. Oddly enough, he and some other folks from VBAS were at PHP that same day and saw the same bird[.]




Brian goes on:

So Steve and I put our records in with the Virginia Avian Records Committee.

As crazy as it is to have the Say’s Phoebe show up ~3,000 miles from it’s normal territory, it’s hanging out on the border of the Lynnhaven River NOW Fall Festival location on OCT13, this Saturday, and an area that is actually not Pleasure House Point but private property that could still be developed.

Previously about the Say’s Phoebe spotting at

Lynnhaven River NOW and their upcoming Fall Festival and grand opening celebration of Pleasure House Point.


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