We LOVE the new Pleasure House oysters!

Pleasure House branded oysters. Yum!

Read the entire article at PilotOnline.com:

Ludford doesn’t have to imagine. Like a growing number of commercial oyster farmers in Virginia, he knows exactly what’s inside his brand of bivalve – in Ludford’s case, a plump mouthful of meat that starts with a bracing blast of brine and finishes with a rich oyster flavor and a speckle of sweet.

Yes we can imagine what’s in there Chris!

Imagine how incredible it is that VB Fireman Captain, and waterman from a family who’s done it for generations, has the entrepreneurial spirit to brand and work his lease for Pleasure House oysters right about the time the City of Virginia Beach is poised to protect Pleasure House Point forever.

Photo Credit: Tim Solanic

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