Pilot’s Editorial Page love for PHP in case you missed 2 of PHP’s mentions last year.

From Thanksgiving’s “So many blessings in Hampton Roads” at Pilotonline.com:

Too often, we take for granted the many things that enrich our lives. Here are a few of the people, places and things we appreciate, to help get you started on this Thanksgiving Day 2011.

We’re thankful for…

…The people and organizations working to save Pleasure House Point, Virginia Beach’s last undeveloped stretch of land on the Lynnhaven River

In addition it was their lead Hit in their Hits and Misses column for December 10th 2011:

HIT A public/private win

A call last year to preserve the last remaining swath of undeveloped property on the Lynnhaven River, called Pleasure House Point, has become a mission for Virginia Beach, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Lynnhaven River Now, among others.
This week, the Dominion Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Dominion Virginia Power, gave the project $500,000, the first substantial gift from the private sector toward the acquisition.
Dominion, which has been rightly criticized for reaping excessive profits from its electricity rates, at least has put this money to a worthy cause.


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