Vote for PHP, Charlie Harrelson, Michael Horth, John Murrell and Jack Myers!

Reminder: Kids need your help to save Pleasure House Point.



March 7 – April 4: “CLICK HERE to Cast Your Vote.”

Students at Kemp’s Landing Magnet School have taken up the crusade to save PHP. Now, one of them, Charlie Harrelson, has been selected as a finalist for a Cox Conservation Heroes award, and will receive $1,250 -$5,000 for Pleasure House Point, based on online voting which begins March 7th.

The public can view videos of the finalists (Our Heroes) and cast their vote.

Visit to learn more and to vote.

Please vote and get your friends to vote!!

Finalists selected by the Cox Conserves Judging Circle, a group of local civic leaders. The Cox Conserves Hero, chosen by online consumer voting, will be awarded $5,000 to donate to the environmental nonprofit of his or her choice. Each finalist will be given $1,250 to donate to his or her nonprofit of choice. Charlie has designated Pleasure House Point preservation as his beneficiary.

Watch their video now!

Video from Charlie Harrelson, Michael Horth, John Murrell and Jack Meyers created for Pleasure House Point! We’d love to see what others have done to help spread the word about this important cause. If you have a video, poster, song, poem or any other creative piece that helps to bring attention to Pleasure House Point, email Tim and we’ll share it.


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