Virginian-Pilot names preserving PHP to top “Hit” of 2010

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HIT Preservation jackpot

A plan to buy Pleasure House Point, the largest piece of undeveloped waterfront property on the Lynnhaven River, will preserve vital open space in Virginia Beach, improve the health of wetlands and maritime forests and help to restore the oyster fishery. The city, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and The Trust for Public Land agreed over the summer to buy 122 acres at the confluence of Pleasure House and Crab creeks for $13 million, a steal at less than half what developers paid for the property in 2007. They’re still raising money to ensure that none of the land will have to be sold for development, but it’s a smart investment.

Thanks to the Pilot for continuing to recognize what a big deal preserving 100% of PHP is.


2 thoughts on “Virginian-Pilot names preserving PHP to top “Hit” of 2010

  1. Watch the video my friends and I made. We are Charlie Harrelson, Michael Horth, John Murrell, and Jack Myers. The link is:

    My group made this and someone from this website commented on it. It has been posted on many facebook group pages and is the first video to show up when you search “pleasure house point video” on Google!

  2. And now I see that it is on this site…..sorry but I promote people to donate to our cause! I hope that people realize the danger at stake! Donate today!

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