Virginia Beach urban tree canopy needs help and PHP has 10 acres to offer.

In the new City Page there is an article about our Urban Forest.

The City is asking for your help!

How can you help?
We need interested people to help us! If you are a homeowner, resident, student, or business owner who would like to be involved in the next steps, we welcome your help.

Great way to help is to contact Kristina Salzman at the page to ask for more help in preserving 100% of PHP which would also help VB’s Urban Forest.

Photo: Tim Solanic

At’s new page:

State of Virginia Beach’s Urban Forest

For the first time, Virginia Beach completed an assessment of our urban tree canopy (or the collection of trees that grow within our city when viewed from above). The State of the Urban Forest summarizes the findings, including a quantification of the amount of tree canopy cover; an overview of the tree related communications in the community; and details the urban forest management practices currently preformed. Among the findings:

• Virginia Beach’s urban tree canopy covers 35% of the city – which is under the 40% target established by the Americas Forests (;
• There are ways to improve communication about the urban forests between City departments, other agencies, and with our residents;
• Likewise, there are ways to enhance our management practices, namely by developing an urban forest management plan as a component of the City’s Comprehensive Plan.


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