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Over the weekend, with some informal market research reaching out to several hundred people we found, even from very engaged people, that they never heard of Pleasure House Point.
Most didn’t even know it was so large. And, most did not know the facts about the opportunity.

We talked to people actually standing on Pleasure House Point, fishing in Pleasure House Creek, at the Lynnhaven Boat Ramp, in Ocean Park, at the Ocean Front, in Town Point park at an acoustic music festival, in stores and restaurants in Norfolk and Va Beach too.

Most importantly – about 110% of the folks we chatted with were more than on board with saving all of Pleasure House Point and want to help once they were told the Pleasure House Point story!

Many came up with various parts of the idea too – and that was without being prompted.

Clearly, people want to help. We just have to help them, help us.

Interested in helping more by helping moderate comments, write code for our websites, make music – anything?

Please Comment below – and we’ll contact you.

Thanks for your efforts!


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