How you can help PHP get the CELCP grant that was applied for.

From someone in the know:

Call Senators Warner and Webb, and Congressman Nye and thank them for their continued leadership on conservation funding for Virginia and express your hope that anything that they could do to help increase the overall funding level for the Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program directed by NOAA, would be greatly appreciated, recognizing it may be difficult for them to have an impact at this point. If the overall funding level were to be approved at $30M, for instance, this would help ensure that Pleasure House Point would receive the $3M grant.

Senator Warner:

    Washington DC: Phone: 202-224-2023
    Norfolk: Phone Number: 757-441-3079
    All offices.

Senator Webb:

    Washington DC: Phone: 202-224-4024
    Hampton Roads: 757-518-1674
    All offices.

Congressman Nye:

    Washington DC: Phone: (202) 225-4215
    Hampton Roads: Phone: (757) 326-6201
    Eastern Shore: Phone: (757) 789-5092

Pleasure House Point’s CELCP grant application came in 14th. News here and here. About CELCP grant application.


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