Croc’s Restaurant will feature Pleasure House Point as the beneficiary of their Green Drinks on September 16.

PHP news from SDCC’s eNewsletter September 6th version:

Pleasure House Point Fund Drive Begins. Last eNewsletter, you learned that the deal is not done yet on Pleasure House Point. Acquisition is in jeopardy on two fronts: It will take $4M to preserve the 5 -10 acre tract at the corner of Shore Drive and Marlin Bay which the Trust for Public Land (TPL) will sell to recoup their investment. This is the most heavily wooded section of the parcel, and represents a form of habitat not concentrated elsewhere on PHP. Also, a $3M grant is still pending. Obviously, we must prepare for contingencies.

Time is short to collect donations. A significant advancement toward the goal of $4M is necessary to persuade TPL to extend the fund-raising deadline. The City is doing its part. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is doing their part. Delegate Chris Stolle is doing his part, by working with the Governor, the Virginia Secretary of Natural Resources and the state Department of Conservation and Recreation. The Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation Department is doing their part & has agreed to hold the bank for any donations, which is a huge advantage, since all donations made through them can be tax-deductible, and you can request that any contributions $100 or over be refunded. Can you do your part?

Donation cards will be available soon, but until then, please visit

And on a related note…Croc’s Restaurant will feature Pleasure House Point as the beneficiary of their Green Drinks on September 16. Croc’s is located at 620 19th Street at the Oceanfront. The third Thursday of every month, people who work in the environmental field meet once a month for a drink at casual, yet informal sessions known as Green Drinks. It’s a lively mixture of people from NGOs, academia, government and business. Just say, “Are you green?” and you will be introduced to whoever is there. It’s a great way of networking with others who care about the environment.

Check out more about Virginia Beach Green Drinks and drink for PHP!


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