Core goals of

A collaborative, virtual foundation dedicated to saving Pleasure House Point[PHP].

Our core goals are:

1. to document & permanently preserve 100% of the history of Pleasure House Point

2. to inspire the permanent preservation of 100% of Pleasure House Point
What the heck are you talking about you?

Core Goal 1: save all photos, movies, stories told by great-grand parents, maps, your stories, paintings,your prof’s stories, wildlife sightings…basically the history of what’s been happening on Pleasure House Point since the beginning of time.

But why you ask?
More importantly….why not?!

Core Goal 2:
[rough draft]
Instead of a bunch of condos or even a park, a far better public use for what is one of the last remaining properties of significant size located in the Lynnhaven Watershed…here’s an idea:

Imagine Pleasure House Point being used for an internationally recognized research/teaching facility that would compliment the hard work of our local educational institutions including TCC, ODU, NSU, VT, VBC, VWC, WHRO, Public School Systems, CHCS, etc.

It could even include a unique eco-tourism opportunity at the Beach. Local Seniors beginning their second/third careers could be included to provide guidance, wisdom & leadership skills.

An incomparable Foundation managed by students whose purpose is to provide educational opportunities that would return the property to it’s original state, definition to be determined, that could study:

Computer Sciences
Database Creation
Environmental Sciences
The Arts
Social Sciences
Leadership Skills
Simulation Technologies
Gaming Software Creation
Film Making
“___________” [whatta you think?]

…based on the activities & results of working toward the long term goal of restoration & everything involved in creating the foundation it would take to preserve it.

Funding sources could come from various foundations, educational institutions, various levels of membership, fees/donations for use of the property, creation of a Wetlands Bank, tax breaks and other funding sources as they are negotiated and determined to fit with the goals of the umbrella operational foundation.

A small footprint, off the grid, high tech facility could provide flex-offices for local environmental organizations including classrooms with 21st Century high speed wireless internet access.

All accomplished by students working with the guidance of the best facilitators from around the area.


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